Celebrities Who Can’t Stop Lecturing Us About Climate Change While Using Their Private Jets


Here’s a list of celebrities who travel around the world in private jets and then preach about the need to cut our so-called carbon footprint or promote an image about the urgency to protect mother earth.

Celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Travis Scott, and many more are named in a recent study done by the U.K. marketing agency, Yard. For the piece, the agency used the Tracking Celebrities Jets Twitter page, which “tracks celebrity jet movements based on public information.”

The data gathered in the Yard report is based on these celebrities’ planes usage. As the report noted, it is not possible to determine that every flight involved the named celebrity being on board.


The report labeled Taylor Swift the “biggest celebrity” polluter of carbon emissions this year, after her plane was reportedly in the sky nearly 23,000 minutes and racked up 170 flights since January, as The Daily Wire previously reported.

The “Love Story” hitmaker’s plane’s flight emissions were reportedly responsible for creating more than 8,000 metric tonnes of CO2, more than 1,180 times the average person’s total emissions in one year, the report noted.

In response to the backlash that ensued against the “Shake It Off” singer after the piece came out, a representative for Swift shared with Rolling Stone that, “Taylor’s jet is loaned out regularly to other individuals. To attribute most or all of these trips to her is blatantly incorrect.”

What many found so surprising was that the “Blank Space” artist is known for her folksy sound and love of nature which are present in her surprise 2020 albums “Folklore” and “Evermore,” as The New York Times noted in a 2021 article.

“Ms. Swift’s songs aren’t going to reverse climate change or the decline of wildlife,” the NYT piece read. “But they are a step toward reversing the decline of nature in pop culture, and that matters. If we want to change the world to safeguard nature, and ourselves, we first have to see it. Art can do that.”


Beyonce’s husband, rapper Jay-Z also made the list, which credited the star’s plane with allegedly emitting nearly 7,000 metric tonnes of CO2 so far this year, clocking in more than 19,200 minutes in flight time.

After the publication released their data, a lawyer for the rapper shared with the Washington Post that he “does not own the plane in question.”

The British marketing agency wrote that a rep said Jay-Z had “requested the PUMA jet as part of his sign-up deal to become the creative director of Puma basketball.” Following the report, the account has changed the referencing of the rapper’s jet to be “Puma/Jay-Z’s Jet.”

In 2019, the “Halo” hitmaker and Jay-Z encouraged followers to adopt a plant-based diet for “The Greenprint Project,” a book and movement supported by both.


Legendary film director Steven Spielberg has reportedly racked up more than 4,400 tonnes of emissions with his use of his private jet this year, the report noted. That’s more than 630 times that of the average person’s annual emissions.

In 2018, while promoting his film “Ready Player One,” the famous film maker stated, “Global warming is a scientific reality, it’s not a political trick.”

He also said he was “terrified” of it. The entire comments can be seen here.


Reality star Kim Kardashian took the top spot among her family after she reportedly emitted more than 4,200 metric tonnes of emissions during her more than 57 flights since January. The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star’s jet reportedly had an average flight time of 85 minutes.

In January 2020, the “The Kardashians” star was slammed after she tweeted that, “Climate change is real.” Critics noted the reality star and her family’s use of private jets when they called her out.


Television host Oprah Winfrey’s jet is reportedly responsible for more than 3,400 tonnes of emissions for a total of 68 flights this year. Winfrey’s $75 million private jet reportedly spends an average of 81 minutes in the air, with an average journey length of 101.26 miles, the report noted.

In 2018, the former talk show host featured an article on her Oprah.com website with a title and subtitle that read, “5 Facts About Climate Change That Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight: Yes, we need to get serious about caring for Mother Earth—and quick. But let’s not overlook some very exciting developments in our planet’s prognosis.” In the piece, plant-based food substitutes were featured, noting that it was a $3.1 billion industry.


Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend and young rapper Travis Scott also made the list, racking up more than 3,033 tonnes of emissions, over an average flight of just 7.31 miles. Scott takes home the honor of the shortest average in the report, as well.

The rapper recently made headlines when he and the beauty mogul were called out on social media after she posted a photo of the couple standing between two private jets. She captioned the post, “You wanna take mine or yours?”

Critics noted things like the insanity of the state pushing “use of paper straws” to save the planet so celebrities like them can fly their private jets to avoid traffic, as The Daily Wire previously noted.


And while Kylie Jenner wasn’t found to be one of the biggest celebrity polluters of carbon emissions for the report, her three-minute long flights on her private jet really rubbed people the wrong way.

After the post, one person’s tweet that went viral about the reality star read, “80% of people have never taken a plane and Kylie Jenner is out here taking regular 10 minute flights, 5 flights in the last week under 30 minutes, one was 3 minutes long. Her carbon footprint for one ten minute flight, is more than some people make in a year.”

Jenner is the same person that regularly promotes eco-friendly products as well as touting that her beauty products are “vegan and clean” because it was “time to elevate,” as the Daily Mail noted.


Leonardo DiCaprio has famously been called out for his use of private jets over the years to fly around the world while at the same time claiming to be a climate change activist.

In 1998, the “Titanic” star  launched his namesake foundation that “is dedicated to the long-term health and wellbeing of all Earth’s inhabitants,” the message on his website reads.

“Through collaborative partnerships, we support innovative projects that protect vulnerable wildlife from extinction, while restoring balance to threatened ecosystems and communities,” it added.

In 2016, DiCaprio was blasted for preaching about the dangers of climate change after he hopped aboard his private jet to fly from Cannes, France, to New York City to pick up an environmental award. In 2015, a RadarOnline report noted that the climate change advocate “DiCaprio took six private jet flights during April and May 2014.”


Prince Harry, the former senior working member of the royal family, all too often likes to preach about the importance of saving the planet while at the same time using private jets for trips with his wife Meghan.

In 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were roundly slammed as hypocrites after he had recently warned of the “terrifying” impacts of climate change at a conference before a report surfaced about the couple taking two trips by private jet in one week, as Newsweek noted.

In an interview with British Vogue in 2019, the duke said that he and the former “Suits” actress would only have two kids “maximum” because they believe the Earth “is borrowed,” as reported.

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