Pursue Truth, Not Trends


Personal story time. My husband and I have an SUV that is kept in an underground public garage. About a week ago, someone attempted to break into the car, but fortunately the doors were all locked and we had invested in shatter proof windows, so despite cracking the exterior — the would-be criminal was unsuccessful. 

Safe to say, we were glad we made that extra investment. We were also glad that the car doors were locked. Not that we would have deserved to have our car broken into if they weren’t, but it’s always good to take necessary precautions. 

Years ago, stuff like this used to be referred to as common sense — across every category of life. But at some point in the early 70’s, there was one space that marked itself safe from common sense. The women’s movement — feminism. Around this time, women began heavy talk about sexual freedom and positivity. No longer would we be restrained by the ideas of yesteryear, they told us. Make him a sandwich? He can make it himself. I’ll be outside, naked!

The sexual freedom movement is what has brought us to the cultural moment of today, where if you’d like to, you can attend — ready? — a slut march. I’m not kidding. There’s an annual “Slut March” that takes place where women parade around half naked to remind you that they are free. 

The idea is simple. If you suggest to a woman that she shouldn’t walk around half naked and drunk because there are predators, then you are the problem. If said woman decides to go out half naked to a bar, becomes inebriated, and lands in a terrible situation — perhaps leading to her sexual assault or rape — it is in no way her fault. You’ve heard the “short skirt” analogy — essentially, if you believe that there is anything a woman could have done differently to prevent her own assault, then you are a “victim-blamer,” or worse… “a rape apologist”. Don’t blame the short skirt, blame the rapist. No nuances applied.

Of course, if our SUV was unlocked in a public garage with a stack of cash in the front seat and it was consequently broken into — the police might offer to us, “in the future, you’ve really got to remember to lock your car door at night, especially in public lots”.

That would be considered sound advice. Only a fool would shout back “BURGLAR APOLOGIST!”  

But the messaging to young women today is radically different. 

Sexual freedom most nearly means throwing caution to the wind. 

Over the weekend, I watched the docu-series “The Secrets Of Playboy,” where former playmates and girlfriends of Hugh Hefner — its infamous founder — spilled on what life was actually like at the Playboy mansion. 

Hefner for decades was credited in the media as a revolutionary — the man who single-handedly ushered in positive sexuality. His magazines helped give us Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson — women who showed us just how wonderful and glamorous and powerful embracing sexuality could be. These ladies were the precursor for the Kim Kardashians and Madonnas of the world. Setting the tone for women to display their bodies, unapologetically.

It turns out however— that far from the happy storyline presented in the media, what really went on in that mansion from the 70’s and onward were drugs, rape, and even beastility. Women who were so drugged on the quayludes funneled to them, that they were instructed to — while being filmed — perform humiliating sex acts…sometimes on dogs. 

The men who visited the mansion could buy into this culture. They could pay for a playboy membership which would give them access to any bunny they wanted. 

Hugh Hefner, according to his many girlfriends, was a sexual deviant. So deviant that he actually idolized  Charles Manson. He was obsessed with filming and taking pictures of women in compromised positions. It was a combination of fear, blackmail and eternal shame that led to the women’s silence over the decades. 

Now, who could have guessed that a man who walked around with barely-clothed women half his age —- dressed as bunnies, mind you — was actually himself just a sick pervert? Who could have guessed that throwing parties with powerful men and naked women actually wasn’t about freedom at all — but the exact opposite — sexual enslavement?

Anyone with common sense could have guessed. But common sense is not permitted, remember? It’s application would make you a rape apologist. 

What’s incredible is how many women signed up for the playboy lifestyle. All of them deluded by the glossy glamour of its magazines. Many women were somehow convinced by a false narrative that agreeing to take their clothes off in a mansion would somehow make them freer. One former girlfriend spoke about how it was famous women who made her aspire for that lifestyle. 

And that’s the thing. The leaders of these absurd movements are of course always wealthy celebrities. Log onto Instagram and you’ll find the world’s top models half naked. You can find Madonna — now almost 65 years old — sitting on a bed with her legs open wide in fishnets, ranting about sexism and the need to free the nipple. 

It’s always those wealthy feminist celebrities — the ones who spend millions of dollars a year on their private security — who subliminally convince younger, poorer women who follow them to aspire to that brand of freedom.

 Take your clothes off. 

Free your nipples! 

Less is more! 

It’s so much easier to throw caution to the wind when you’ve got money in the bank and a security detail waiting outside. 

And It’s only the underprivileged who blindly follow their lead, who suffer. 

It’s why I hate modern feminism. Because it hinges on a lie. 

All of this to say, to the young women who follow me: suffer no fools. 

Pursue truth. Not trends.

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