The Metaverse, Biotech And The Beginning Of Transhumanism


Recently, my husband and I went to a friend’s home and got all of the kids together. This particular friend had purchased a pair of oculus goggles for his son. They are a pair of giant goggles you wear that allows you to play a video game in a sort of virtual reality. At least, that was the pitch when they first came out. But when I tried these oculus goggles on, I realized it was something entirely different.

My experience wasn’t a long one.

I put the glasses on and suddenly was transported into an elevator — and it was incredible how real it looked and felt. I pressed a button and went up the elevator and it opened and I was standing on the top of a building, on a tiny little ledge.

I could hear the people around me in the real universe saying ‘just step out onto the ledge and jump off.’ And I told them, ‘I’m not jumping off, there’s no way I’m jumping off this ledge.’

I was aware, of course, that in the real universe, my feet were on the ground. But seeing is believing, and in this reality, I was convinced that I was actually on top of a building — and I was terrified. I tried to inch my way forward, but finally, I said, ‘Nope, I’m taking these things off.’

And then my friend went next.

‘I don’t want to do it,’ he said. But my husband thought it would be funny to push my friend, and he fell over — in the real universe — onto the floor and screamed. He was genuinely terrified. He took the glasses off and said he felt like he was actually dying.

I noted that someone was going to actually die from a heart attack— and the person who was hosting us informed us that you have to sign a waiver to play. Because people have actually died. How’s that for a game?

Now, why am I telling you this? Because what we are talking about, and what I experienced, was the coming of the metaverse. You’ve heard about it. Facebook recently changed its name to Meta. Everyone is talking about the metaverse.

A tract of virtual land sold for $4.3 million in the metaverse, and guess what — after what I just experienced — I can tell you that that was a good investment.

Snoop Dogg, the rapper, has a $17 million NFT collection. That’s a virtual art collection. What do you do with virtual art? You put in a virtual world. In your virtual house. On your virtual plot of land.

But the second, more important reason I’m telling you this is because it scared me. It scared me because I felt in my gut that I had stumbled upon a missing piece of the authoritarian puzzle.

Think about it — all of the radical changes that we have experienced in society over these last two years — somehow it all perfectly aligns with the coming of the metaverse.

Social distancing. People are afraid — genuinely afraid — to see one another’s faces. What better solution for that than to only communicate with one another via the metaverse? Just throw on a pair of goggles and meet up, virtually. Come to my house, in the virtual world.

The never before seen national shut down of schools to combat covid — virtual learning established to combat a virus that has an approximate 0.1% chance of harming any child. Children made to exist behind masks anyway.

What better priming could there be for a meta existence? Soon, children will be told to stay home and put on their goggles to go to class.  And they’ll be convinced, by the way, that they are actually in a classroom sitting next to their peers. Because that’s how real it feels behind those goggles. Only this time, their parents won’t have to worry about any germs.

There will be no need for parents to physically go into work anymore either— just throw on your goggles and be immediately transported into your office.

Isolation, and more technology.

What we are talking about, what I am trying to communicate to you, is that we are on the brink of  transhumanism. Human beings are becoming the computers.

I want you to think about that the next time you hear words like “biotech” — biology and technology merging.

What we are on the brink of is the next iteration of the world wide web and it should terrify you.

So, welcome to Web 3.

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